What’s all the drama about detective tv shows?
Recently, my comments were featured in an article for an online art platform, Why Now. The journalist Ellie Calnan is an avid police drama fan and decided to write the article on what makes police drama so popular with British audiences. She contrasted the popularity with the scandals that the police as an institution has […]
Unlocking Childhood: Exploring Approaches to Parenting and Early Education
Recently, I came across Bubble & Speak, a charitable organisation that provides the space for parents and carers to drop in with their little ones, socialise, speak and listen. The idea for this project came from Françoise Dolto (1908 - 1988), a French paediatrician and #psychoanalyst who developed a child-centred view of psychoanalysis. Her approach, […]
Why is it never as it seems, with dreams?
Some view dreams as the random firing of neurons during sleep; others believe they hold important messages and insights into our unconscious mind. Dreams can be thought of as both meaningful and random. On one hand, dreams contain symbols and meanings relevant to the dreamer's life and experiences. On the other hand, dreams often incorporate […]
Why does Dali think you need psychotherapy?
During the easter weekend, I had the pleasure to visit an exhibition devoted to Salvador Dali's art called Dali: Cybernetics. The central part of the exhibition is the immersive world of the surrealist artist’s work. Initially seen through the old-style 3D glasses, and subsequently powered by a headset transporting you into the virtual world of […]
Mirror Mirror on the wall, am I allowed to photoshop my image at all?
Yes, but if you reside in France, your image-enhancing behaviour may soon be contained by certain boundaries... Recently it was announced that French law might require anyone who posts on social media would be banned from promoting plastic surgery and will be required to label a photoshopped image of a person as retouched. The French […]
A Journey Towards Overcoming an Eating Disorder- Inspired by the Story of Hadley Freedman.
Hadley Freeman shared her 20-year-long battle with anorexia in this article for The Sunday Times magazine. She is a mum of three, a journalist, and a writer. Her new book, “Good Girls: A Story and Study of Anorexia,” will be published on 13 April 2023. An eating disorder is widely defined as a type of […]

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